Gov. Rick Scott stops by to honor NuJak

Published on August 30, 2017 | By Margarita Alfaro

LAKELAND — Two Sundays ago, Frank Kendrick sat in church as his pastor, Wayne Blackburn, announced that someone in the congregation “is going to receive an incredible amount of favor.”

The next day, Kendrick learned he would be receiving a visit from Florida Gov. Rick Scott at his Lakeland construction business, Nujak Companies. Scott stood Tuesday afternoon in that office and hung a ribbon around Kendrick’s neck that held a gold-tinted medal, the Governor’s Business Ambassador Award.

Scott came to Lakeland to recognize the success of Kendrick’s business and to continue his ceaseless promotion of Florida as a business-friendly state.

“I’ve been in business all my life, and it’s fun to come to a business and watch the pride somebody has when they start a business and how it actually is a family, whether it’s the family you’re blessed with, the family you choose to marry, whether it’s your children or it’s all the people who become part of it,” Scott said. “It’s not just Frank’s success, it’s everybody’s success.”

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By: Gary White, The Ledger


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